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DSV Standard All-Purpose Window Squeegee for Car Windshield

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DSV Standard Professional All – Purpose Squeegee Is The Only Tool You Will Ever Need To Clean Your Windows! Rubber Blade Makes Good Contact With any Surfaces, And Leaves No Streaks. Quickly Cleans, And Remove Hair, Water, Dirt, And Etc. Must-Use Product For Smart Drivers.


  • This Small Professional DSV Standard Squeegee Allows You To Make It Perfect To Carefully Stow Away On a Boat Or In Your Car’s Trunk With Other Window Cleaning Tools. This Is Exactly What You Need For Glass, Mirrors, Tile, and Fiberglass On Your Boat, RV, Car Or Truck. Since This Squeegee is All-Purpose Product, It Can Be Perfectly Used As Shower Squeegee, As a Window Washing Squeegee and Window Cleaning Squeegee.


  • This Professional DSV Standard Window Squeegee Can Be Purchased For Household Needs As Well As For the Professional Wants. It Can Be Used On Dinners, Gas Stations, Carwashes, Offices, Cafés, Shops, Malls, Gyms And More. Good Choice For Windows, Glass Doors, Tables, Mirrors, Car Windshields & Windscreens | Can Be Used While Cleaning Your Tiles, Floors And Other Surfaces.


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